Biden’s Surprising Remark: ‘God Save the Queen, Man’ Explained

Biden God save the Queen

During a gun safety summit in Connecticut, President Biden caught social media attention when he said, “God save the Queen, man,” at the end of his appearance. This statement led to confusion as people wondered why he referenced the Queen, considering Queen Elizabeth II passed away and her son, Charles, became the king.

A White House spokesperson later explained that Biden made the remark while addressing someone in the crowd because he couldn’t engage in the full ropeline due to the weather. Biden expressed disappointment about the storm approaching, as he usually likes to greet the audience personally.

He then mentioned bringing a White House photographer to stand in front of each section of the theater. Finally, Biden exclaimed, “God save the queen, man,” while looking into the crowd, which garnered cheers. The President spoke at the National Safer Communities Summit, commemorating the one-year anniversary of signing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the first significant gun safety legislation in thirty years.


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