Breaking the Mold: “Everywhere” Game Devs Reject Blockchain and NFTs

Everywhere Game

The upcoming video game “Everywhere” will not be utilizing blockchain technology or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), according to the game’s development studio, Build a Rocket Boy. Leslie Benzies, the studio’s CEO, made the announcement, explaining that the focus of the game is on delivering an immersive experience for players.

Many recent video game releases have incorporated blockchain technology and NFTs to create new revenue streams and monetize in-game items. However, the use of these technologies has raised concerns over their environmental impact and potential for creating a pay-to-win environment.

Build a Rocket Boy’s decision not to use blockchain technology or NFTs in “Everywhere” is a significant departure from the current trend in the gaming industry. The studio’s commitment to prioritizing the player’s experience over potential financial gain is commendable and reflects a dedication to creating a game that is engaging and enjoyable for all players.

In conclusion, the developers of “Everywhere” have made it clear that they will not be incorporating blockchain technology or NFTs into their game. Instead, their focus is on creating an immersive and engaging gaming experience for players. This decision is a departure from the current trend in the industry and demonstrates a commitment to prioritizing players’ enjoyment over potential profits.


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