Chris Rock Reveals How Will Smith’s Oscars Slap Hurt Him – The Shocking Truth About Physical Violence vs. Verbal Insults


Comedian Chris Rock recently addressed the Oscars incident involving Will Smith during his live Netflix comedy special titled Chris Rock: Selective Outrage. Rock revealed that the incident had hurt him and expressed his frustration with people who claim that words hurt without experiencing physical violence. He noted that anyone who has been punched in the face knows the actual pain of violence, which makes verbal comments insignificant.

The Oscars altercation occurred in 2022, where Will Smith slapped a Ukrainian reporter who attempted to kiss him on the lips on the red carpet. The incident became a cultural talking point as discussions arose about America’s acceptance of casual violence. Smith was allowed to remain at the ceremony despite the altercation, and he later received his first-ever Best Actor Oscar for his performance in “King Richard.”

Chris Rock was praised for his calm response to the incident, where he was seen holding back Smith while he attempted to confront the reporter. During his live comedy show, Rock addressed the issue, stating that he was tired of talking about it but wanted to make it clear that the incident had hurt him.

Rock’s comedy special covered a wide range of topics, including woke culture, Meghan Markle, and politics. In the show, he made jokes about the sensitive nature of the Smith incident, saying that he would try to avoid offending anyone due to the possibility of triggering people. Rock’s comedic style is characterized by his distinct tone and unapologetic and uncensored approach, which was showcased in the sold-out performance in Baltimore, Maryland.

The incident with Will Smith also raises the question of what is considered acceptable behavior at events such as the Oscars. The reporter’s behavior in attempting to kiss Smith on the lips without consent was inappropriate, but Smith’s physical reaction to the incident was also controversial. Some argue that he should have handled the situation more diplomatically, while others defended his actions as a natural response to feeling violated.

Rock’s comments about the incident highlight the real pain of physical violence compared to the often-exaggerated pain of verbal comments. Words can hurt, but they do not compare to the actual physical pain of violence. The incident also highlights the importance of consent and respect, with the reporter’s behavior being a clear violation of both.

The incident also raises questions about the issue of violence in society and how it is often glorified or normalized in media and entertainment. The Oscars incident occurred on the red carpet, which is often seen as a glamorous and high-profile event. Still, it serves as a reminder that violence can occur in any setting and is never acceptable.

Chris Rock’s live Netflix comedy special showcases his ability to address sensitive and controversial issues while still maintaining his unique comedic style. His comments about the Will Smith incident highlight the importance of consent, respect, and the real pain of physical violence. Despite the sensitive nature of the incident, Rock managed to make light of the situation without offending anyone.

In conclusion, the incident involving Will Smith at the Oscars was a controversial and sensitive issue that sparked discussions about violence, consent, and respect. Chris Rock’s live Netflix comedy special addressed the issue while still maintaining his unique comedic style. The incident serves as a reminder that violence is never acceptable, and consent and respect are essential in all situations.


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