Cody Rhodes Skeptical About Joining AEW Due to Father’s Warning

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes, a professional wrestler, is skeptical about joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW) due to a warning from his father, Dusty Rhodes. Dusty Rhodes, a veteran in the wrestling industry, reportedly warned his son about the potential risks involved in joining a new wrestling promotion.

Cody Rhodes has a long history in the wrestling industry, having previously worked for WWE before departing in 2016. Since then, he has been involved in various wrestling promotions, including AEW, where he currently serves as an executive vice president.

Despite his involvement with AEW, Cody Rhodes appears to have reservations about the promotion’s long-term viability. He reportedly expressed concern about the potential for the company to fold in the future and the impact that would have on his career.

This skepticism is not uncommon in the wrestling industry, as many wrestlers have experienced the rise and fall of various wrestling promotions over the years. However, AEW has seen significant success since its launch in 2019, with a loyal fanbase and a growing roster of talented wrestlers.

Overall, it seems that Cody Rhodes is approaching his involvement with AEW with caution, weighing the potential risks against the opportunities for success and growth in his career.


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