Discover New Music with Spotify’s AI-Powered ‘What If?’ Feature inspired by Sliding Doors!

Spotify's AI-Powered

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, is reportedly working on a new feature that will use artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest music to users. The feature, called “What If?” is said to be inspired by the iconic 1998 movie “Sliding Doors”, which explores the concept of how life could be different based on a single decision.

The “What If?” feature will present users with two different song choices, and the user will have to pick one. Based on the choice made, the AI algorithm will suggest a new set of songs, which will in turn present new choices for the user. This process will continue until the user has discovered new music that they enjoy.

The concept behind the “What If?” feature is not entirely new, as Spotify has already experimented with a similar concept in a feature called “Tastebuds” in 2018. However, the use of AI in the new feature is expected to make it more effective in suggesting new music.

The new feature is currently in development, and it is unclear when it will be released to the public. It is also uncertain how the feature will be integrated into the existing Spotify app, and whether it will be available to all users or only to paid subscribers.

Overall, the “What If?” feature shows promise in offering a unique way for users to discover new music and may be a valuable addition to Spotify’s platform.


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