Get Ready for the Action-Packed Sequel: ‘Extraction 2’ Trailer is Here!

extraction 2
extraction 2

The highly-anticipated trailer for “Extraction 2” has been released, revealing that Chris Hemsworth will be returning to reprise his role as Tyler Rake. The upcoming action-thriller film is a sequel to the 2020 hit movie “Extraction,” which was one of the most-watched original films on Netflix, with over 99 million households streaming the film in its first four weeks of release.

Directed by Sam Hargrave, who also directed the first film, “Extraction 2” promises to be an adrenaline-fueled ride, as Tyler Rake embarks on another dangerous mission. Alongside Hemsworth, the film features a talented cast, including Randeep Hooda, Golshifteh Farahani, and Sam Hargrave.

Despite the challenges of filming during the COVID-19 pandemic, the production was able to complete filming in multiple locations around the world, including Thailand, Spain, and Australia, while implementing strict safety protocols.

With the first movie’s success, it is clear that “Extraction 2” has a lot of potentials to become another hit for Netflix. The trailer teases intense action sequences that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, while Hemsworth’s charismatic and intense performance is sure to draw in audiences. Fans of the first movie will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting its release on Netflix later this year.


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