How to Deal Maximum Damage with the Thunder Spear in Fortnite

Thunder Spear in Fortnite

Fortnite players know the importance of having powerful weapons in their arsenal, and the Thunder Spear is one such weapon that can deal massive damage to opponents. However, to use it effectively, players must know how to deal with consecutive shots and maximize damage.

The Thunder Spear has a long reload time, so it is essential to hit the opponent with every shot. Players can deal maximum damage by hitting their opponent with consecutive shots. To do this, players need to aim and shoot the weapon effectively, using the reticle to line up shots and taking advantage of the weapon’s charge-up time.

When using the Thunder Spear, players should aim for the head or chest to deal maximum damage. The weapon’s charge-up time makes it ideal for taking precise shots, and players should use this to their advantage. Also, players can deal damage to multiple opponents with a single shot if they are close enough together.

It is worth noting that the Thunder Spear has a limited range, so players should keep their distance from opponents while using the weapon. The weapon’s unique ability to deal with area damage can be used to eliminate opponents hiding behind the cover.

In conclusion, the Thunder Spear is a powerful weapon in Fortnite, and knowing how to use it effectively can help players deal maximum damage to opponents. By aiming for the head or chest, taking advantage of the weapon’s charge-up time, and hitting opponents with consecutive shots, players can take down their enemies and improve their gameplay.


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