Ready for Rugby World Cup 2023? Ryanair Boosts Flight Capacity!

Rugby World Cup 2023

Ryanair has announced plans to increase its flight capacity for the Rugby World Cup, which will be held in France in 2023. The airline will add 90,000 seats to its flights to and from France during the tournament. This will include additional flights to cities such as Bordeaux, Lyon, and Toulouse, as well as increased frequency on existing routes.

The Rugby World Cup is expected to attract a large number of visitors to France, and Ryanair’s decision to increase capacity is aimed at meeting the demand from rugby fans who are expected to travel to the country to watch the matches. The airline is also offering special discounts to fans who book their flights early.

Ryanair has a strong presence in France, with a network of over 40 destinations across the country. The airline has been expanding its operations in France in recent years, and the Rugby World Cup provides an opportunity for it to further strengthen its position in the French market.

The announcement of Ryanair’s increased capacity for the Rugby World Cup is welcome news for fans of the sport who are planning to travel to France for the tournament. With more seats available, fans will have greater choice and flexibility when it comes to booking their flights, and may also benefit from lower prices due to increased competition among airlines.


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